Obtaining cash advances from AHEAD/OVAA (reimbursements are not allowed) Maximum Rs. 100,000/= per advance. However, with the approval from the Finance Committee of the relevant University, this can be increased for research activities conducted outside the University premises.
1 Refer to the appropriate column in the PAT under OVAA and prepare an estimated budget
2 Request an advance using the format. Attach the tentative budget (minor purchases required for research need not be detailed) and AHEAD voucher. Make the request at least 2 weeks prior, so that you can access the funds on time.
3 Purchases up to Rs. 15,000/=, can be authorized by the Director/OTS and purchases up to Rs. 100,000/= can be authorized by the Vice Chancellor based on the delegation of authority. [As far as possible please follow normal procurement procedures (shopping) when procuring goods and services]
**OTS can also consider giving a petty cash imprest up to Rs. 5,000/= to the project coordinator/deputy coordinator to facilitate the project/research work.

Procedure to settle a cash advance

1 Please settle the advance within 2 weeks after obtaining the advance. Under special circumstance this can be extended (research work outside the university), please state this in the request for advance.
2 Use the “payment vouchers” with the recommendation of coordinator in settling the advance.
3 Please prepare the settlement of the advance. Submit the receipts and any other bills (originals pasted on blank sheet). All bills must be certified for payments by the coordinator who requested the funds.
4 Send the cover letter, settlement of advance (if there is a balance, pay the balance to the shroff and attach the receipt), settlement voucher directly to Director OTS.

Using communication charges (Internet and mobile) from OVAA

1 Refer to the OVAA table and make a request from the Director/OTS.
2 Release will be based on the requested amount within the overall allocation for this expense category.
3 A monthly internet and mobile charges up to a maximum limit of Rs. 2,000/= can be reimbursed provided a bill is submitted. The bill should be addressed to a designated person in the project.
4 Settlement: Cover letter, AHEAD voucher, supporting bills should be attached.