Appointment and payments to Consultants (Refer to Delegation of Authority and Authority limits)
1 Refer to approved procurement plan and use the file number in all documents for easy reference.
2 Prepare a TOR using the template and send to obtain approval from OMST.
3 Advertisement: Please refer to the authority limits and decide whether the consultancy should be advertised
  • Nationally (advertise in mass media and in case funds are not allocated for this purpose under OVAA, internal advertisement with a wide coverage is acceptable) or
  • Nationally and Internationally
4 Schedule the expression of interest (EOI) or Collect at least 3 CVs.
5 Appoint an evaluation committee. Attend to this in consultation with OTS.
6 Evaluation committee can evaluate the CVs to identify the consultant who can deliver the deliverables effectively and efficiently (for IC-C). This can also be done through an interview. If the procurement method is SSS, justification must be given for the identification of the consultant.
7 Prepare a draft contract agreement.
8 Obtain approval for the decision through OTS. Refer to the Authority limits.
9 Prepare the final agreement after receiving the comments from the approving authority.
10 Agreement is signed by the Director OTS and the consultant, refer to the delegation of authority and obtain the necessary approval from the relevant authority.
11 Upon completion of the deliverable the consultant must request the payment and this request must be accompanied by the consultancy report (based on the tasks assigned in the TOR). This will be recommended and forwarded to OTS by the project coordinator.
12 Payments: Prepare the Request for payment, TOR (with payment plan), task completion report by the consultant approved by the coordinator/Dean. The constancy related to “civil work” may use the attached template.
13 Use the AHEAD/OTS voucher and obtain the relevant signatures.
14 Update your PAT or PEP after completion of each consultancy.