The services to be obtained from human resources such as Research assistant, Project assistant, Project manager, Administrative coordinator, Technical assistant etc. can follow the following procedure for appointments and payments.
1 Refer to the OVAA table and prepare an internal advertisement for competition/Single Source Selection based on appropriate justification
2 Advertise (emails accepted, provided good coverage is proven)
3 Appoint a selection committee if needed (The project coordinator or deputy coordinator shall be a member)
4 Interview/comparison of at least 3 CVs and identify a suitable candidate (the coordinator/research team must be satisfied with this selection)
5 Please file the selection procedure (Original file at the OTS and the coordinator can keep a copy)
6 Prepare a TOR to obtain human resources such as the services of the research assistant. (The project coordinator will prepare a TOR in consultation with the team)
7 Agreement to obtain human resources will be signed by the Director OTS. Agreement template can be modified after a discussion with the project coordinator/team. The full-time permanent staff at the University are not eligible for full-time positions under AHEAD. Issue one-year or less than one-year appointments only. This can be extended depending on the performance of the applicant.
8 Releasing payments: Request letter, AHEAD Voucher, Time sheet or Attendance (with certification/ recommendation of the project coordinator, a template is given in the OTS booklet but please modify accordingly) are required. Appointment letter, CV and the TOR is necessary for the first payment.