Payment to internal full-time staff members (Academic and non-academic) is strongly discouraged under the AHEAD operation. This does not include the payment to the Coordinator, Deputy coordinator, Activity coordinator which will be based on the allocation in the approved PAT. All other full-time human resources under the AHEAD operation cannot be assigned to anyone who is holding a full-time position within or outside the University. This is done in order to achieve the promised performance indicators in a timely fashion.
However, the skills and know-how of non-academics may be useful in conducting some specialized research work. In such instances, the coordinator or the deputy coordinator must identify such persons with a justification and inform the Director OTS through the Dean of the Faculty. Thereafter make a timesheet for the work done and recommend the payment based on a prior approved rate. OTS will check whether there is an appropriate allocation in the OVAA and will release the payment. The cover letter should state some justification for this payment and it also should state that this work was done after hours of a working day or during the weekend or on a holiday without interruption of the regular teaching and other work assigned to the officer. The cover letter must also indicate that same person was not paid overtime from any other source of funds for the work done.
Allocation of funds under PAT/PEP OVAA is required to implement the Cost of services provided by University Engineer’s Department for Construction and Renovation Works under AHEAD operation.